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Procedure of Issue of Qualification Documents

Kvalifikacijas dokumentu izsniegsanas kartiba

  • In order to receive qualification certificate (i.e., a certificate of competency, and/or its endorsement, a certificate of proficiency) the applicant shall submit necessary documents specified in the Cabinet Regulation No. 895 “Regulations Regarding Certification of Seafarers” adopted 22 November 2005. The Registry of Seamen prepares the relevant application and seaman with the signature confirms that information indicated in the application is correct.

  • Submission or reception of documents, and assessment of the competency of seafarers, are provided by appointment only. For the submission of documents, the seafarers shall apply by the telephone calling the number +371 67099419. Reception of seafarers is carried out at 15-minute intervals. The seafarer shall arrive at the Registry of Seamen on the appointed time exactly. In case of being late, the Registry of Seamen shall be informed immediately by calling the number +371 67099419, and another appointment shall be arranged. The seafarer is not allowed into the Registry of Seamen, if he/she misses his appointment.

  • In an exceptional case, if the seafarer has to urgently go to work at sea, it is possible to submit documents without an appointment during reception times of the Registry of Seamen. In addition to the submitted documents, the seafarer must have a written confirmation from the employer, addressed to the Registry of Seamen of the Maritime Administration of Latvia. The confirmation is submitted together with the documents or the employer sends it in advance to the e-mail of the Registry of Seamen

  • Photos are taken in The Registry of Seamen at no additional cost (in the Information Room (7a) on the 1st floor). If due to technical reasons, it is not possible to make photos in the Registry of Seaman, seafarer must submit one photograph, made in professional photo studio (the other side of photo, should be stamped with a date, the photo must not be older than 6 months and must comply with the other conditions specified in the regulations about Personal ID. Photos made in instant photo booths are not valid! The seaman's photo must be restored only if more than 6 months have been passed. (Requirements for photography) 

  • The seafarer's name and surname in the qualification certificate shall be the same as in personal identification document issued in the Republic of Latvia. If the seafarer does not have a personal identification document issued in the Republic of Latvia, the name and surname of the seafarer shall be indicated on the qualification certificate the same as in identity document issued by the competent authorities of the foreign country in Latin transliteration carried out in accordance with the transliteration table established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

  • When the necessary documents have been submitted to the Registry of Seamen to obtain qualification documents (i.e. Certificate of Competency and/or its Endorsement), Registry of Seamen within seven days verify authenticity and validity of the submitted documents.

  • If it is stated that an additional verification of the submitted documents is needed, the Registry of Seamen has the right to prolong the term of verification up to 30 days and informs the applicant of this fact.

  • If the submitted documents have been issued by a foreign country, the documents are verified according to terms prescribed in “Administrative Process Law” (up to 1 month with possibility to prolong the period up to 4 months).

  • After verification of the submitted documents, Registry of Seamen appoints the applicant to the competency exam in examination commission. At least once in five years the seafarer verifies conformity of his professional competency with the requirements of the regulation.

  • Certificate of competency with endorsement for period up to 5 years is issued to shipmaster and officer, taking into consideration period of validity of certificate of proficiency and tanker Certificate of proficiency necessary for the qualification.

  • Certificate of proficiency for ratings is issued for a period of 5 years.

  • National competency certificates for officers and ratings whose qualification is not prescribed in STCW Convention, are issued for a period of 5 years.


Certification of seafarers is a paid service.

The seafarer can obtain the qualification documents personally, presenting identity documents and payment documents on the date determined by the Registry of Seamen or during the office hours.