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Terms of Issue and Validity

Terms of Issue

After submission of all the necessary documents, a Seaman's Discharge Book is issued within the following time:

7 working days

Ordinary procedure

2 working days

Urgent (at the request of the seafarer)

within 1 month



1.  if the previous Seaman's Discharge Book has been lost, stolen, robbed or destroyed

2.  if an additional examination of the criminal record of the person or of the authenticity of the submitted documents is necessary


Terms of Validity

Latvian citizens and non-citizens



Receiving a Seaman's Discharge Book for the first time

5 years

Receiving a Seaman's Discharge Book repeatedly

10 years

If Seaman's Discharge Book has been canceled

5 years

Persons employed on a vessel to carry out specific tasks (e.g., service staff on ferries, repair teams, inspectors)

for the period of the emloyment contract,  but  not  longer  than   5 years

Students of maritime higher or secondary education programmes

5 years from beginning of studies

Students of maritime vocational further education programmes


for 1 year

Foreigners, refugees, stateless persons and persons with alternative status

for the validity term of the permanent residence permit, but not longer than 5 years