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Domestic Shipping and Fishing Vessels

The supervision procedure is determined by the Regulations from Cabinet of Ministers as well as the relevant rules of recognized classification societies. The relevant Regulations from Cabinet of Ministers are:
2011 Regulation No. 439  "Regulations Regarding the Implementation of Flag State Supervision of Ships";
2008 Regulation No. 49 “Regulations on the safety of ships”;
2006 Regulation No. 248 “Regulations on the safety of seagoing fishing vessels”; 
2011 Regulation No. 451 “Regulations on safety requirements for passenger ships engaged on domestic voyages”. 

Vessel supervision is based on a five-year cycle. Every five years there is an in-depth inspection of the ship – renewal survey. Every year the annual survey is carried out. An interim survey in the dock is required to be carried out between the second and third annual surveys.
It is the choice of the shipowner whether the supervision is carried out by a recognized classification society or the Maritime Safety Inspectorate (MSI). If the shipowner chooses the classification society supervision, then the MSI conducts additional inspections annually.