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Bulk Cargo Terminals

In order to start a bulk terminal and operate bulkers, the terminal shall comply with the requirements of Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 143 “Regulation of safe loading of bulk cargoes”. The requirements are defined not only in Latvian legal acts, but also in International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes code.


1. Quality Management System (QMS) must be implemented at the terminal as required by the regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 143 “Regulation of safe loading of bulk cargoes”.

2. Before implementation of QMS which shall be implemented within one year, the terminal will be issued an interim bulk cargo terminal certificate after inspectors of Maritime Administration of Latvia have been carried out initial inspections of the terminal.*

3. Inspectors of Maritime Administration of Latvia carry out periodical inspections at least twice a year to assure the requirements have been implemented and maintained.**

4. If the bulk terminal is loading/unloading dangerous cargoes (MHB) or pollutant cargoes, it must once in 3 months inform Maritime Administration of Latvia about amount of loaded cargo, in accordance to Regulation of Cabinet of Ministers No. 1060 “Circulation of dangerous and pollutant cargoes in ports”.

* and ** is a paid service.