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Ship registration

In accordance with Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 854 dated 21 December 2021 "Pricelist of paid services of Maritime Administration of Latvia".

The client shall cover the Invoice within the specified terms.

VAT is not applicable to these services.

No. Service Unit Price (EUR)

Ship registration or re-registration record in the relevant Ship Registry Book (ship with engine or without it, ship under construction, state service vessel, floating construction, reinforced equipment).

The specified fee shall be added EUR 0,95 for 1 NT

1 time 165,00
2. Change of name on the owner's request 1 time 250,00

Issue of Certificate of Registration, Ownership or Deletion

1 pcs. 85,00
4. Issue of vessel documents - Continuous Synopsis Record 1 pcs. 85,00
5. Issue of vessel documents - insurance or other financial security certificate regarding civil liability 1 pcs. 300,00
6. Issue of duplicate certificate 1 pcs. 85,00
7. Issue of written reference ** 1 pcs. 70,00

Annual supervision of registration records of vessel with or without engine, state service vessel, floating construction, reinforced equipment (the specified fee shall be added EUR 0,6 for 1 NT).

1 time 30,00

Permission to register the ship bareboat

1 time 110,00

* to calculate the fee for the service, ship's water displacement (without cargo) shall be used if the NT hasn't been set. If NT is 5000 and over, the fee is calculated as if NT is 5000* 


** This fee shall not be paid by state authorities and private persons realizing tasks delegated by the state, as well as courts and Prosecutor's office.

Coverage of costs specified in item 8 shall be carried out by owner of the yacht, bare-boat charterer or representative specified in paragraph 16 of the Maritime Code, if the owner needs one. The fee shall be applied every calendar year regardless the terms the yacht has been registered in the Ship Registry. Fees for previous years for motor-yachts shall be calculated when changing the Ownership Certificate, before registration of change of ownership or deletion from the Ship Registry.